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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 10, 2018

Our certified career coaches can help land your dream job with resume reviews, career planning, mock interviews, and more.

You get 30 minutes a month or more to chat with your coach and unlimited text messaging starting at just $89 when you subscribe.

Or you can book single sessions.

We've done over 500 coaching sessions with 95% 5 Star reviews.

  • Sreeram Meka
    Sreeram MekaNetwork Engineer

    Good coaches and resume reviews


    I didn't find any yet

    I used their resume review coaching services and it was wonderful. Before Hireclub, I didn't no how to showcase my accomplishments and use metrics in my resume. I have been trying to use metrics but can't figure out a way to do this. But after meeting with a Hireclub coach for resume review, I'm completely overblown by the advice the coaches have given me.

    I'll try to use more of their services like interview coaching, resume review coaching, startup coaching and Hireclub has their own community of people helping each other. Definitely I'd recommend Hireclub and would like you try it out.

    Sreeram Meka has used this product for one year.
  • Tim Parsons
    Tim ParsonsHot Saucier at Adoboloco

    Fast track to the best jobs and connections


    What con?

    Recommendations, introductions and guidence are top!

    Tim Parsons has used this product for one year.
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Ketan Anjaria
Ketan AnjariaMaker@kidbombay · Founder HireClub
Hello Hunters we've been prepping for this launch for a long time. Use code producthunt for $10 off your first month. I started HireClub as a Facebook group with just 25 of my friends. We're now at over 26,000 members and raised a small crowdfunding round from our members. Our goal is to help everyone find their dream job. We started by doing job referrals but as we grew, we realized the skills to get a job are much different than the skills to do a job. That's when we starting offering career coaching. After someone has been coached, the chance of them landing the job sky rockets. 90% of our coaching clients find a job within 60 days. Career Coaches are professionals who are dedicated to your career success and trained to know how best to help you. Many of our coaches are certified which means they have over 500 hours of coaching already. Our coaches also often come from HR backgrounds so they know the ins and outs of hiring. With career coaching you get services like resume reviews, mock interviews, salary negiotations, and career planning. All things that instrumental in improving your job search. We've done over 500 coaching sessions already with 95% 5 star reviews! We also strive to make coaching affordable. Traditional coaching can be $$$$ per month and out of reach for the average person. Our plans start at just $89/mo for 30 minutes of coaching plus unlimited texting. Part of our ethos is empathy and diversity. We have seen first hand how many people are struggling in their job search and we want to help them acheive their career goals. 50% of our community is women and we strive to be friendly, welcoming and kind to all. I've been unemployed myself and I've faced the severity of what that does for your well-being. With HireClub, you don't have to struggle alone. Get a career coach and level up your career together!
Nisha Garigarn
Nisha Garigarn@nishsticks · Co-founder, Croissant
@kidbombay Congratulations on the launch of the coaching sessions! I've been part of the FB Group for the past ~2 years and it's been so impressive seeing the company branch out into different ways provide more value to job seekers. Love the clean website design too!
Ketan Anjaria
Ketan AnjariaMaker@kidbombay · Founder HireClub
@nishsticks Thank you so much! Yes we try to be as simple as possible in our design.
Courtney Powell
Courtney Powell@courtney_powell
@kidbombay I love seeing HireClub continue to grow; it’s genuinely helpful to people!
Jenny Ma
Jenny Ma@jenny_r_ma · Product @ Storyhunter
Congratulations on launching HireClub Coaching, Ketan, Lisa, and Annie! I joined the HireClub community a few years ago and was thrilled to see the focus on giving diversity a leg up in coaching and hiring pipelines from day one. It bodes well for Hireclub that 90% of coaching clients find a job within two months, when the national U.S. average for job seekers to find new employment (not necessarily even within their desired industry) is four to six months. I wish I had a service like this when I was transitioning from freelancing to finding a full-time job years ago. Love seeing the friendly and welcoming experience, and especially the vetted approach to coaching where coaches actually have HR experience (so many faux-coaches around) - can't wait to see this take over!
Mada Seghete
Mada Seghete@mada_seghete
Loved it - got some awesome leads!
Bobby Battista
Bobby Battista@bobby_battista · Software Engineer, GM Autonomous Vehicle
I've been a member of the community for years and have always been so impressed. It's grown up a lot, offering great services, content, and most importantly is a community/network of great people - and I mean people who really go out of their way to help each other.
Leslie Martinez
Leslie Martinez@leslie_martinez
I heard about HireClub on "Dr. Dawn on Careers" podcast. I looked the website over and decided to do a mock interview to brush up on my interview skills. I was impressed with the coach and it gave me the boost of confidence I needed in my job search. I highly recommend it!
Ketan Anjaria
Ketan AnjariaMaker@kidbombay · Founder HireClub
@leslie_martinez oh wow thank you Leslie! And thank you Dr Dawn! Yes her radio show is amazing.