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How does it work? I wasn't able to find myself by tags location:moscow language:lisp.
@svetlyak40wt Hey, You did it right. I guess you are not tagged with language Lisp on github. I can find you with Python: http://hireables.co/members?q=lo...
@gaurav_tiwari1 Also can't find me. I used location:Ukraine language:javascript. But the app seems to be useful, thanks! How does the algorithm determinate what's the major language?
@unforbiddenyet Hey, this is strange, because you got Javascript specific repos. I can find you with Python. http://hireables.co/members?q=lo... though. Basically, response is returned from github itself so, based on repos you own and the languages they are written in.
@unforbiddenyet Here you are http://hireables.co/members/Unfo... and you got javascript in languages. Will investigate.
👏🏽 loved it!
@pcbo Thank you :)
@gaurav_tiwari1 have some ideas , let me know if you'd like to go into a quick call
@pcbo Awesome! Sent you an email on your landing.jobs email.
Cool! I realized recently how much you could get from the github API. How do you determine "hireability"? Based on the company they have in their profile? Is github okay with this use of their API? Also seems like I can't do multiple searches together. I tried name:fletcher location:boulder and it doesn't allow it.
@fletchrichman Hey, thanks for checking out. Yes, github api provides the hireable info and then I added some logic to show 'may be hireable' status based on company and hireable option (both can be set from github profile). Yes, they are. Actually, I got in touch with them and if you scroll at the bottom of the website you will see the disclaimer message. Sure, you can do multiple filters. Just enter them one by one. Here you are: http://hireables.co/members?q=na... I am working to make the search better and less confusing. If you have any ideas or feedback, please let me know.
Looking forward to trying this out @guarav_tiwari1. waiting for verification...
great work @gaurav_tiwari1, An amazing tool for Employers/Candidates to find or be found. Also some problem in the logged in view. I stays on the edit page even if i am trying to navigate to a different URL. I have signed up as an employer also. What is the procedure here ?