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Surprised this hasn't been shared yet. I like how @jongold and the Makeshift team are approaching this space with a creative, new solution.
;) made it on to Product Hunt eventually! anyone have any questions?
Yo, @jongold! What has been most surprising or unexpected building Hire My Friend so far?
The amount of people who have got behind the concept has been awesome - we made Hire my Friend initially as an MVP to carry on some prototypes that I'd made for my girlfriend and a few other friends when they were looking for work. Turns out that there are loads of people who find themselves in similar situations - large social & professional networks, oozing with talent, but unable to get out those first few "can you RT my portfolio please?" tweets that we've come to rely on because they're stuck in a rubbish full time job. Also - I knew people hated recruiters (candidates & employers alike), but loads of people love rallying around us trolling them — https://twitter.com/jongold/stat... — I think people are desperate for good alternatives? Another surprise was how much of a pain it is to design quasi-social networks with anonymity in mind - it's been one of the hardest design problems I've worked on. Massive props to people like Secret who pull it off really well.
We've all gone through that transition (or at least known friends that have), searching for a new job while at a current company. It's tricky and awkward. Part of what makes Hire My Friend awesome is the social aspect of it. People genuinely want to help their friends and doing so helps bring HMF top of mind for when those people look for their next gig (which happens very infrequently). Where are your users coming from today and what are you GRAND MASTER PLANS to take over the recruiting/hiring market? ;) cc @lexilewtan who recently joined Hired.