Hire, by Google

A new service for helping businesses recruit

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It must be amazing to work at Google and come up with names for your products. We all sit here, putting in hours of research, thesaurusing, mood boarding, and domain availability searching for a name that's passably sensical. At Google, people be like "We're making a tool to hire people, what should we call it?". "How about Hire". "GENIUS!".
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@wuss they have it easy, no need to worry about SEO or discoverability of the new name :D
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@wuss They can also bulldoze anybody else with the existing name or trademark. "Legal team, come forth!"
@wuss hahah, we just made a maps app, how should we call it? "maps".
It seems like every big company is launching a hiring solution the last few months ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Hire, not to be confused with Hired. Google is going strong into the recruiting/jobs space. They recently introduced a jobs "card" within their search results. E.g.
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We are so excited about this - it would transform the entire recruiting experience in-house. Any ideas as to when this would go live on this side of the pond?
Google today announced the launch of Hire, a new service that helps businesses more effectively manage their internal recruiting process. Hire offers businesses a cohesive applicant tracking service that’s deeply integrated with G Suite to make it easier for businesses to communicate with their candidates and track their progress through the interview process. Coverage on TechCrunch
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With powerful offerings like Gmail, Calendar or Hangouts, Google is finding new (sometimes originally questionable) ways to direct people to those services. Hiring makes complete sense as it leverages a lot of existent G Suite products.
@kleinkleinklein we're on GSUITE currently, going to check with our HR team how they would like it... To me it makes total sense...