Hire.Bid 3.0

Auction off your spare time for money

Hire.Bid 3.0 is a new version of Hire.Bid, the unique new marketplace connecting professionals and clients. Instead of a race to the bottom (in terms of service and price) with professionals bidding low to win a gig, clients bid on the available time blocks of professionals - and our unique ratings system encourages superior performance.


Gervase Bradford


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Neil Sandhu
Neil SandhuMaker@neilsandhu · Founder, Block Labs
(Probably goes against every tutorial on nailing your Product Hunt launch 🚀, but I'm currently camping with my boys so not really online much but will get back to anyone who reaches out by the end of the weekend! 😬)
Ken Cucchia
Ken Cucchia@kcucchia · Entrepreneur l ICO Adviser l Investor
@neilsandhu love the idea. Just created an account. Hope it works better than some of these others I’ve tried.
Neil Sandhu
Neil SandhuMaker@neilsandhu · Founder, Block Labs
@kcucchia Thanks! We are still getting underway and are constantly improving, and we must admit that some locations in the U.S. have more professionals and activity than others, but we are growing rapidly and hoping to get more clients with a variety of work throughout the U.S. We encourage professionals to share their own Hire.Bid profiles, which has been effective for many folks.
Neil Sandhu
Neil SandhuMaker@neilsandhu · Founder, Block Labs
Hey guys. We're excited to share Hire.Bid 3.0 with the PH community! To celebrate our launch, if an individual offers up their time blocks for auction through Hire.Bid and donates the proceeds to charity for any time block before November 1st, we will also donate our commission to a charity of the professional's choosing! We would love for folks to sign up and offer up their time blocks to be bid upon and donate their fees to charity - even if it just an hour or two on a night or weekend for a phone call or dinner! (Note: you don't need to donate your fees to charity - you can keep all of your net fees earned on your time blocks) Hire.Bid can be used by anyone to auction off their time to anyone else for any purpose - the bidder simply specifies the service requested as part of the bid, and the service provider can accept or reject any competing bid on his or her time for any reason. What's New in version 3.0? We've completely redesigned the login experience, largely from feedback we received from the great PH community in January when we launched Hire.Bid 2.0. We've also revamped the user experience and design of literally every page. And, in response to feedback, we have added new functionality with this new version. For example, clients can now ask for our help finding the best professional for their project, which we'll do for free. Even if you don't find a professional in your area with the expertise you need and with a time block available when you need it, we'll help you find one! We've also added functionality and improved the professional search function. While we are accelerating our growth rapidly week over week, we're still a fledgling little startup that could use any support we can get from this great community! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!
Angelo Embuldeniya
Angelo Embuldeniya@angeloe · Cofounder, Recruiter + Product Guy.
As of Dec30, 2018, Hire.Bid is a page parked at GoDaddy.