Hire.Bid 2.0

Auction your available time.

HireBid is a different marketplace connecting professionals and clients. HireBid flips the traditional marketplace model on its head to benefit both professionals and clients.

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Hey guys, I'm the founder of Hire.Bid - we are excited to share our new marketplace with this great community! In a nutshell, Hire.Bid allows professionals to auction off their available time to be bid upon by prospective clients. We know we have a lot of work ahead, and we are a small company on a big mission, but we are excited about finally getting this in your hands. We welcome any and all feedback, and hope to keep improving things as we truly get underway now with this re-launch! Thanks! Neil
This sound like a brilliant idea! I will give it a go :)
@loaibassam thanks! Let us know what you think.
Is this set out to more of a US user base? Tried to fill out my UK info and it doesn't like it, plus you can't set your currency.
@darylthetwit yes. It is primarily targeted at the U.S. for now, but we plan to provide more support for international markets shortly (you should still be able to use it for things like remote work, although, as you state, some of the location information and currency is not optimized for international markets).
Great idea, guys. Wish you lots of success!
I really thought the boxes on the home page were clickable, even tried to click few times :P
@loaibassam noted (they are big, especially on mobile, and I can see how one might think they are clickable)
@loaibassam hey, we took many of the helpful comments we received a couple weeks ago into account, including yours, and have revised the home page (and made and continue to make other daily improvements). Thanks!