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Hi! @kwdinc : thanks for the hunt! We’re the co-founders of Hiration and we’re here to help you change jobs! While hiring a team of 800+ for our last startup, we realized that many talented individuals actually put in minimal effort on their resumes. We understood they are not experts in showcasing their potential in resumes and hence, lose on major opportunities. This builds a fear of failure & changing jobs and also impacts your career. To solve this, we did an extensive research on what works in the job market and simplified all of the inputs into 2 fundamental buckets for a great resume: Content & Design. The current solutions mostly focus on the design and ignore the content. Hence, we are building Hiration with a focus on scaling and providing great directional content. Right now we are launching with 50+ jobs and 20+ modern designs. We hope you enjoy the simple user experience for creating resumes. Feel free to host & share your resume online, ask for an expert help, and do let us know if there's anything more you would like to see. Looking forward to some great feedback from you all! Also, ask us anything about resumes, jobs, careers, startups, and life in general! We have kept our heads down for too long building this, hope to speak out today :) Cheers! PS- We’re delighted to give a 25% discount on our premium plan for our PH users! Coupon code: HIRATIONPH PPS- We are going to add content for 1,000+ jobs and 100+ designs by the end of 2017. PPPS- All the best for your next job hunt! Go kill it!
We also did an AMA on Reddit around resumes and job hunting: https://redd.it/6x7phb Should be helpful!

Not sure


Great templates. Awesome content. Yet to use their offline service though.


I wish they supported more languages

Thanks Hiration for this great Product.


Quite a well defined templates as per Job Roles, I just needed to put my details. CV making is very boring job as always, but No More now.


I don't know, might be there. But i got my CV making work done very smoothly.

i have a work ex across multiple jobs.. but i want to shift to analytics.. how can your tool help me?


Cool designs, job specific content,


More designs needed.