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Maksim Razbo
Maksim RazboHunter@corelogiciels · Designer
Ambient coffee shop sounds to stay focused at work. Some additional sounds to simulate Piano bar, Buffet car, Night club, Rainy terrace ans so on...
Brandon R.
Brandon R.@optiquest21 · Technical Director
Anybody else just turn everything on? lol
Ryan J A Murphy
Ryan J A Murphy@ryanjamurphy · Student?
Not to be fierce, but... why build this? It's not an improvement upon any of the existing options – unless I'm missing something! Is this just a portfolio project?
Ryan Davis
Ryan Davis@ryan_swadesi
Gets old soon but I appreciate this one better than many others
Danny Postma
Danny Postma@dannypostmaa · Founder of Landingfolio.com
Combining this with GoodNight makes going to bed so much easier 😴♥️