Teach phone numbers to kids

Your children can learn the safety skill that parents, teachers, and law enforcement officials rank #1: knowing an emergency phone number in the event that you and your child are ever separated.

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Hey @matte & @warrenwan, What's next for HippityPip?
@jacqvon Right now, our main focus is continuing to work with parents, teachers and law enforcement officers to ensure our first app is as effective as it can be. Up next we have a number of other early-childhood life skills that are still in the early design stage.
Congrats @matte on the launch! The animations and music are great. Who do I get if I call 415-894-2418?
@jasongurwin You get the super secret HippityPip hotline. 🤫

This is a really fun way to help your kid remember your phone number.


Great animations, fun music