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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 19, 2020
Hipolink.net is a service for creating the websites for Instagram. It allows you to add all your contact information to one page, and then set up this Hipolink link in Instagram.
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Hi! Happy to be on ProductHunt with our product! Thanks @ for hunting) Instagram allows you set up one link in your profile. This is the only one place where you can hook an audience and transfer it to the right page. Therefore, this link in the profile should be as useful as possible: lead to your contact and give maximum information.This is the problem that the service Hipolink.net solves. Now you can set up one «Hipolink» link in the Instagram bio, and place all the necessary information on this page. You can add messengers, social networks, phone, email for communication, photos, videos, application form and many other things. Visually, you can customize the page for yourself. You can change the style of text, buttons, background. Also, we are implemented a powerful analytics of the page. It’s possible to watch the number of unique visitors to the page, as well as track the number of clicks on the various buttons to adapt your page and to move the most sought-after buttons up. Using the Add-ons section, you'll be able to set up Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Telegram notifications. We have been working on this service for a long time and we hope you enjoy our product. If you have any questions, just ask us, we will be happy to answer :) ---------- For all, who came from Product Hunt, we give 14 days maximum plan. For getting it, enter promo code “HUNT” on Prices and Plans page.
@fominkirill privet Kirill! why market yourself to instagram users only? I believe the tools like yours have a lot more potential and can also be promoted as an "advanced online business card" for anyone who needs a simple, but detailed online profile (QR codes might help to share the link easier) just smth to think about... great implementation by the way!
@pocoloco Yes, frankly speaking in the beginning we didn’t think about it. But now we can see that it can be useful not only for IG. It will be one of our future direction of developments.
@fominkirill I've seen similar ideas popping out around one link for all (focused on user profiles). I like the idea, and have been thinking about building something of my own around it. Congrats! Looks great too. I have two things that I would like to mention, first a bit silly but, it's funny that you thanked yourself in this comment for hunting the product :) Just a simple thing, I guess you prepared the text and forgot that there? Second, I'm not sure I trust that 48,153 (at the time of writing this) are using the product because when I look into your Social Media profiles, in general only 30 or less are following. Sometimes it's better to leave these things out, and let visitors think and judge for themselves. Otherwise, I like the idea. Be honest, and keep it up!
Awesome, let’s hope bloggers will love Hipolink :)
@idanial Cool, thank you)
A very interesting product idea!
@bunin Thank you for rating, we tried and will continue to improve our product
Very helpful product. Must have for indie makers!
@yuraist Thank you!
Very easy to use, thanks for the great product!
@vitalii_isaenko thanks for your review, you are welcome :)