Animated photo GIF maker & remixer

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@rumford - wow, this is amazing! downloading now! Always love new GIF making products. Cheers~
Hi everyone. Just a quick background about why we built HipGif. We wanted to make it super easy for users to make GIFs from their camera roll or camera and add text and multiple high quality custom designed animated stickers. We have multiple free sticker packs and are adding more. We also wanted to allow people to express and Remix popular GIFs, so we did an integration where you can quickly add text, stickers, drawing, filters, etc to popular Giphy GIFs. We also wanted it to be easy to share to multiple places such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, FB messenger, SMS, etc. And we just launched with optimized sharing within Facebook messenger which is a deeper integration that makes it fast and easy. We would appreciate your feedback and thoughts as we value the PH community from the earliest days. Thanks!
New Version out today that is integrated for optimized sharing for Facebook Messenger.