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This is an amazing idea and so well designed. In love.
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Reserving a campsite is a pain in the neck. And ReserveAmerica is a pain to use. Just found hipcamp today and it's GORGEOUS.
@superamit @davemorin thank you and excited to be working with you both to get more people outside! We founded Hipcamp out of personal frustration around the difficulty of finding a great campsite and the deep belief that spending time in nature is very important. Welcoming any and all feedback on how we can better help you get outside!
I love this idea and have heard great things about the execution/experience. Can't wait for you to come to the east coast!
@natemodi thank you!! what state are you in? we'll be in NY and MI soon!
So great and beautiful! I like seeing available campsites via map search.
@tkuva thank you!! really appreciate the kind words :)