hip.fit helps people live pain free with exercises to fix posture, combat repetitive strain injury and improve fitness.

Catered to time of day and day of the week--Micro-workouts, stretches and physical therapy inspired exercises designed for you to do while working at your desk, in bed before sleep, brushing your teeth and more.

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Just completed a set of exercise at my desk. Great work Just a lil' feedback: No Back button on the screen. I kept on clicking the Home button. You can probably add a bell at the end of 30 seconds. Also, can you make a set of these instead of just one, because when I start, I want to do atleast 3-5 exercises at once. You can also add a forward button to move to the next exercise. It looks amazing. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
@rishabh_bose This is wonderful feedback Rishabh. Believe it or not, the webapp was initially created for users at the desk/computer all day like us! Note taken on the ideas, we'll have that bell end of 30 seconds soon. We are also working on routines as the next big feature so you may group exercises together. Stay tuned!
UI Looks good but few issues I found in functionality which are confusing: 1 - No back button and if we click browser back button it loads a lot. May be you can browser cache loaded pages. 2 - When we click on exercise and click play. Its confusing how to pause or restart? And sometimes the clock is stuck at 24 second doesnt move at all. 3 - Are just one image of exercise or does it play step by step tutorial? I couldnt understand that.
https://app.hip.fit/exercises/-K... Like here how to do i am not getting it. May be some steps can be added explaining them?
@evivz thanks for checking the app out! This is great feedback. We have 1 and 2 as upcoming fixes. For 3, we only have one image at the moment but the future desire is to have multiple images animated so you can get better idea of the motion, which is important.
@evivz OH yes, there are description + instructions if you tap in the (i) info icon. We are making this more visible soon!

just... not ready yet. bet this will be great when it's done though


really good idea


not ready yet

Hi Bruce, I would love to hear your ideas on what would make this app more ready or done in your mind (and more valuable to you and others)? We of course, have a big vision for this, just gotta ship early and iterate! Appreciate the review!
Congrats on launching @bithai I read about how you tailor the workout to the time of day - how do workouts adapt based on time of day e.g. morning vs evening?
Thanks Abadesi! Currently in our super beta, it is curated. In the future we'd like to using machine learning to tailor it to you as the user!
Very interesting concept! Was trying it on my desktop, my little feedback: 1. on the exercise page - it seems like it supposed to show the actual movement, I was expecting some sort on instruction, other than just pic 2. on "choose exercise for" i would add the search to the headline 3. on browse page i would add the "most frequent/favorite" on top, rather than just showing alphabetic order Good luck!
@rahimiyosi Awesome and thank you for the feedback. 1. we only have single image in this version (future will have multiple images animated to represent the motion). Glad to hear it's important to you. In mean time, there are instructions if you tap on the (i) icon. Gonna make it more visible soon. 2. Search will come in future ;) 3. Great idea with most frequent/favorite at top on browse page!