Hint Sunscreen

Sunscreen with a fruit-filling scent ☀️

Hint Sunscreen is a fruit-scented sunscreen created by the same essences and flavorings used in hint water! So, if you've ever tried (& loved) the taste of hint water, you'll definitely love the scent of hint sunscreen!

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Hey everyone!! So excited to see Hint Sunscreen here :) Feel free to comment any questions and myself or @mrsharma will respond throughout the day! We launched hint water 12 years ago because I couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to lose weight even while eating, sleeping, and exercising the right way. I cut diet soda for 2 weeks and lost 20 lbs. So, hint water was born out of necessity. Then, about 2-3 years ago, I noticed I started growing pre-cancer cells on my nose. My doctor couldn't figure out exactly what it was, so I started looking into it. It was the oxybenzones & parabens within the facial creams I was using, including sunscreen! So, out of necessity, I did the same thing and made my own sunscreen. This time, I made sure that 1. it doesn't have oxybenzones and parabens, but also 2. that it has a great scent. We did a soft-launch recently with 3 flavors of hint sunscreen spray: grapefruit, pineapple, and pear. Feel free to ask any questions!
PS - if you buy it through the special link (above), you get the top 2 flavors for $30, which is 60% off just for the @ProductHunt community!!
@mrsharma @karagoldin Not related to the product - but is there anywhere I can read more about your experience with cutting diet soda and the effects? Also - do you sell Hint water in the UK?
@ramykhuffash she knows best but I love this talk she gave includes she goes into cutting diet soda & the drastic effects it had: https://youtu.be/cjVDXapThxQ
@garrettgreen @karagoldin Thanks, Kara & Garrett
Sunscreen should be more trendy! Looking forward to trying this. 😊 P.S. Don't tell LaCroix but ~everyone at the AngelList office, myself included, starting drinking Hint. 💧🍓🍐🍍🍉
@nivo0o0 That's what we love to hear, Niv :)
Funny, @suzywillow discovered Hint Sunscreen while prepping for Coachella earlier this year. It smells so good... if only it was edible. Or is it, @karagoldin? 🤔
@suzywillow @karagoldin @rrhoover Personally tested these with Ryan and Suzy and will attest to their amazing scent and efficacy :)
@suzywillow @rrhoover @jtzou Aw thanks!! Ryan, come visit the Hint office sometime :)
Hi everyone! Big thank you to @nivo0o0 for hunting 😊 Feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you're in SF, come stop by the office anytime and smell the sunscreen in person. It's delicious! Just type "Hint Water" into google maps and you'll find us. Thanks!
Great, can you make it a sunscreen with only good ingredients? Paraben and oxybenzones are just the very tip of the iceberg of all the toxic chemicals found in sunscreens. If you go to http://www.ewg.org/sunscreen, you get an idea of all hundreds of different sunscreens on this planet and the handful that actually rates as 1. Even the Honest sunscreen rates as a 3. As a mom, it is really hard to find a good acceptable one so I hope you go the right way in manufacturing it. Thanks!