Hint.css 2.0

A pure CSS tooltip library for your lovely websites.

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 25, 2016
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This is what we're using at http://usepanda.com/app looks awesome! 🐼💙
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@ahmetsulek Always great to see such an awesome app using your project :)
Hello all! Hint.css is now out with version 2.0! Now you get more control on where your tooltips shows + a shiny new landing page. Hint.css lets you put tooltips in your website/app by simply adding few classes and an attribute in your markup. It is completely CSS based and requires no JavaScript at all. Thus it makes it very easy to quickly have tooltips in your project without requiring much configuration and JavaScript overhead. And its open-sourced on Github for everyone to contribute. Try out Hint.css v2 today here -> http://kushagragour.in/lab/hint/ Appreciate feedback.
This is some awesome stuff! The animations are working so smoothly. +1 for Open-sourcing it
Very cool. Looks simple and useful!
@keithbarney Glad you liked it :)