A simple mindfulness reminder for macOS

Hint is a simple mindfulness reminder for macOS, built for people who spend a lot of time on their computer. Hint periodically delivers mindfulness-quotes to your desktop, reminding you to re-center yourself in the present moment. Current features include: - 25 mindfulness-focused quotes delivered by notification - Configurable notification intervals from 10 minutes to 8 hours - Configurable notification sounds - Quote shuffle - Pause for preset intervals, or until resumed - Auto-launch on startup And more are on the way: - Additional, specifically-focused quote collections - User-defined quote collections & custom messages - User-defined interval option - Additional sounds - Settings window - v1.0 release - App store publication
Very cool. Is there a way to add quotes?
@esbvn internally it supports multiple sets / collections of any size, but there isn't yet an option in the UI for a user to add any themselves (this will be in a future release, see https://github.com/crsmithdev/hi...). If you have some you'd like to see in there sooner (which would be awesome, 25 isn't very many), currently the best way to do so would be to submit a PR on GitHub. The quotes come from pipe-separated .csv files (https://github.com/crsmithdev/hi...).
Very cool idea, it does seem as we all need to learn to pause every once in a while and not be in a rush all the time. I do hope you have really good quotes in there! :) I wonder though, is this something that would work for people that work on computers. As a programmer myself, if I'm in the middle of a thought or writing a line of code, I don't think I'd stop when the notification comes up.
Cron + terminal-notifier. Is their anything else this app does? Cron: http://www.unixgeeks.org/securit... terminal-notifier: https://github.com/julienXX/term...