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Jake Allen
Jake AllenMaker@jpprewit
Hi everyone, Hintsy co-founder here. I guess we were hunted 8 months ago and we had no idea. We’re so sorry we missed it, but we’re here now! To be perfectly honest, what we’re trying to do is radically simple—help people send better gifts. We’re curating products, sourcing thoughtfully designed gift wraps, and finding beautiful hand made greeting cards. It’s everything you need to build the perfect gift and send it off to your favorite people (and have some fun doing it)! Since we were featured here (around the time we first launched), we’ve been continuously improving our mobile app, added nationwide shipping, and built our web app (hintsygifts.com). We’ve also continued to add a bunch of new amazing brands and products, like Juniper Ridge, P.F. Candle Co., Field Notes, Mast Brothers, and many more. Thanks for the feature! We’re happy to answer any questions. Take care! 😎
Olga Lanova
Olga Lanova@olgalanova
Hi, I like an idea of a perfect gift. Why should I forget Amazon and choose Hinsty?
Jake Allen
Jake AllenMaker@jpprewit
@olgalanova Hi Olga! Thanks for the question (and sorry it took us 8 months to reply)! We see Hintsy as sort of the opposite of Amazon. We've chosen to carefully select the brands and products we feature, so everything we stock is something we stand behind as a quality, giftworthy product. The experience of shopping on Hintsy is more like selecting from a curated garden, where several items can be creatively combined to make the perfect gift. Also, unlike Amazon, we personally hand wrap each gift we send, with a nice wax seal and twine, and we handwrite each message. So we don't really think you need to choose between the two: sometimes Amazon is just fine, but sometimes you need something special. 😀