Helping men prevent hair loss, erectile dysfunction and more


Hims is a men's wellness brand built to help guys tackle those uncomfortable topics related to their health. Men aren’t supposed to care for themselves. We call bullshit. We offer products to prevent hair loss, erectile disfunction, aging skin, and more of the stuff you care about.

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  • Pros: 

    Good branding and marketing


    Shady business practices

    After you give Hims your money you'll notice that there's a few more things that you need to do (take pictures) until you can receive your order.

    This is shady. Keeps, a competitor of Hims, makes it very clear *before you give them your money* that you'll need to do this.

    I immediately requested a refund from Hims. My emails and phone calls were ignored for 2 days. I then messaged them on Facebook where I finally got a response. First they said that their emails were "a few days behind"... okay. They then told me they would be giving me a "full refund".

    A couple days go by and I notice that the "full refund" they gave me is missing $5. When I asked about this on Facebook (since you can't get a hold of them any other way), I was told that the $5 is non-refundable and part of the "consultation and medical assessment". I never had either of those.

    Save some of your money and go with one of their competitors, who don't come across as shady at all.

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  • alex hayworth
    alex hayworthMakin', Buildin', Boppin'

    Helps normalize/destigmatize men's hair loss products


    Selling you (some) things you likely don't need.

    I know a number of doctors who specialize in hair loss (and hair loss research) with regard to multiple causes, including androgenetic alopecia and autoimmune diseases. None of them regard any shampoo or biotin as effective in treating male pattern hair loss...unless you want to keep your nails healthy as can be - biotin will help do that.

    If you're man who's suffering from male pattern hair loss, it's probably best to save your money and stick with Minoxidil (most commonly known as Rogaine) and Finasteride (most commonly known as Propecia). I understand what Hims is doing from a business standpoint, but the combinations of products that they sell for hair loss are oddly arbitrary. Minoxidil and/or Finasteride are the standard treatment for male pattern baldness.

    I have not used the Hims service, so I can't speak to the process by which they evaluate patients/customers. But while the rate of side effects from Finasteride is very low and the drug is commonly regarded as quite safe, I do hope ample information is given to each person beyond a link to a list of side effects. Some doctors will hand out Finasteride like candy; others will recommend a PSA test as a baseline, and even a semen analysis to be thorough (though I don't think this is even near being a common recommendation). In any case, seeing a dermatologist in person to rule out any other forms of hair loss can be a good practice, too.

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  • Pros: 

    They refunded my money, and i was able to get the same product, at a cheaper cost, from another company called Roman.


    Doctors gave me hard time and wouldn't work with me as a patient. The doctor misunderstood one of my answers, and REFUSED to help me!

    I wanted to try out their services, I filled out everything correctly, uploaded photos of myself and my photo ID, paid for the service up front... Then the doctor messaged me and refused to service me in my time of need. I explained to him that I would like a reason why you are refusing to help me. He told me it was because of one of my answers in the forms, which I then explained he misunderstood. He didn't care, and told me to go see a doctor near me. (Mind you, I explained to him I moved to a new area and am not comfortable with going to a new doctor about this embarrassing problem. They didn't care.)

    But everything happens for a reason... I found another competitor of theirs, Roman, and they were able to help me and shipped the discreet package immediately and I received it 3 days later. I also didn't have to pay up front with them, and the first month is free up to $50!!! MUCH better deal and service than ForHims. HIGHLY recommend Roman Pharmacy at GetRoman.com

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  • Pros: 

    Quality, accessibility, fast and easy consultation


    none so far

    I don't know why people are hating on this brand. I used to be prescribed Finasteride through a dermo in town and took it for a few months. Since my insurance doesn't cover cosmetics it cost me $100 a month ($3/pill) and I couldn't make that happen every month.

    I heard about Hims on a few podcasts I listen to and decided to try it. I paid $5 for a trial, and then just had to confirm some things, answer a few questions, and send a couple pictures to the doctor. People don't understand that you have to discuss all this stuff before they just mail you a prescription. Sure it costs $5 upfront but the value of the items without the prescription is easily $30 at least. The doctor responded promptly and we talked back and forth. When everything was confirmed my stuff was shipped. This included shampoo, biotin gummies, minoxidil, and a month of Finasteride.

    I also emailed customer support with some general questions. It took a day or two but they were super nice and helpful.

    After you do the trial pack, you can go online and alter your order. Don't need the shampoo? Fine, they take that out and you don't pay for it. That goes for any of the secondary products.

    All I'm saying is I get a month of a prescription I need, mailed to me, for about $33 with tax. That is 1/3 of what it normally costs me. If you can find the stuff cheaper elsewhere that's all fine, but don't complain about a company trying to save people money and hassle. I don't have the time or money to go to regular doctor visits for something that I know I need.

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  • Pros: 

    THey are a crooked, shady company.


    THey are a crooked, shady company.

    I was prescribed a dosage of medication far below the recommended dosage which would render useless. I was led to believe I would be subscribed the proper dosage from a licensed doctor. Onb their website they state "Get connected with a qualified physician licensed in your state to start your diagnosis, and talk about potential treatments" NONE OF THIS WAS DONE. But they took my money. THey are a crooked, shady company.

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  • Pros: 

    Has a fully functional website and spends a lot on advertising


    Won't actually fill your order

    I cannot really explain properly how frustrating my experience has been with this company. I placed an order on September 16th for the anti-aging kit, which I believe is really just Tretinoin, a product commonly used for acne but found to have anti-aging and collagen building properties.

    After about a day I received an email stating that one of my photos didn't meet the standards to issue a prescription and that I need to go ahead and retake one for the right side of my face.

    Fine, this is no big deal, as they've, to issue prescriptions over the internet, have guidelines and regulations to meet and, despite my request for, once again, a product that is primarily used for greasy teens with hyperactive glandular issues, I'm fine with this.

    I take another photo a couple days later, upload it to the system, and go about my day. As the product is supposed to start coming in on a monthly basis, I forget about it and wait for my shipments to start coming in.

    About a month and a half later I notice I've received no product (it isn't my highest priority in the world and I'm frankly busy, in reference to the noticing it a month and a half later) and log back into the site to check on things. I'm getting the same message about my upload not meeting the doctors standards and that I need to go ahead and re-upload another one.

    The system had essentially sat on my re-upload, I believe, and my order/case had grown stagnant. I contact customer care, they re-activate my order, and I get a note from the system stating that I need to upload another photo because it didn't meet the doctor's requirements. I sigh, because frankly this feels like it's all a formality (dude, it's a cell-phone photo of the side of my face, and unless half of it is being eaten away by some giant lesion, let's be serious here, you're really just doing this to meet state/fed guidelines because I am, once again, ordering acne medication that is nevertheless prescription-only) and because, at this point, this will be my third-upload.

    I'm on the train when I get the message, and so I go ahead, take a quick photo of the right side of my face, upload it yet again, and go about my day.

    I get another email later on and they've rejected my photo *AGAIN.* They send me a message stating that the right side of my face is too shadowed from the hat I was wearing and that I'll need to take it off and send them a photo for proper viewing.

    At this point, this is ridiculous. First of all, the photo was not too shadowed. It was taken on an iphone, and the iphone's camera software, developed by a company with a market cap that recently hit a trillion dollars, ensures that a person's face is the absolute top priority in any image and always focuses the exposure specifically around that.

    Secondly, the other two photos I submitted were taken on my imac, which has a front-facing camera with about 7 megapixels and provides images that look like they were taken in 1987; making me look grainy as crap to begin with.

    At this point, I'm now super pissed because it's been nearly three months since I placed my order and the Dr in charge of my case keeps rejecting my images.

    I write back 'this will be my fourth f*cking submission. maybe the fifth I should go to a studio over' and get a message from Dr. Dine not long afterwards that 'profanity will not be tolerated. I will not be receiving my medication at this time.'

    I always get amazed when people do this thing where, despite living in a world where profanity, sex, and violence is not only encountered on a monthly, weekly, daily frequency in any and every consumable form of media available suddenly pull out this sacro-sanct card where they've been terminally offended by something they loudly exclaim when they've stubbed their toe.

    Anyway, after three months I've nothing to show for all of this, save a credit card statement with a charge from Hims on it, and an interaction with dr that fits into the self-important dr cliche like a glove and is.

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  • Pros: 

    Good promises


    No delivery and no customer support

    My order has been delayed for some reason and I'm still waiting to hear why. Have sent 3 emails requesting update with no response back. Real close to asking my credit card company to refund my money.

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  • Pros: 

    Zero friction to talk with doctors. Great branding.


    Can't wait for more products to launch

    Nice that it's focused on issues that men don't typically talk about

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  • Pros: 

    Amazing e-shop, cool interface, nice CS and extensive knowledge bank!


    Only available in few states of US.

    I totally love the branding and concept. Wish they would start selling products in others states and countries.

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  • Pros: 

    highest quality products on the market, at 80% off. oh, and it's beautiful so you'd love having it on your counter or sink.


    always working to introduce new product lines to help guys across all of the issues we struggle with

    I'm the founder so happy to share more :)

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  • Pros: 



    Be more responsive.

    I went against all the negative reviews I read about this company and went ahead with the online doctor visit anyway. $5 for the first month was a great deal so I figured what did I have to lose? After I completed the online questionnaire, uploaded my photo and license, and paid my $5, I waited....and waited....and waited. It's now been three weeks and there's been nothing but radio silence. My online account still says "Dr. Review in Progress". I emailed the customer service and did get a response back apologizing for the delay with a promise that I would hear something in 48 hours. That was a week ago. So I emailed again. Same thing: apologies with a promise I'd hear something in 48 hours. I'm now doubtful it will happen, so I canceled the subscription. I guess they'll keep my $5 which is fine, but after 3 weeks I could have spent that time going through another similar company and gotten better results.

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  • Pros: 



    Unfair business pratices. False Advertising.

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. The website is designed such that they will be signing you up for a subscription without your knowledge. When I tried to cancel the subscription they told me they needed an order number. The problem was I never recevied a ocnifrmaiton e-mail. Furthermoe the order they send out to you contians no paperwork. No invoice. No order. No order number. It's a scam! I have given them my name address dob and even offered my ssn but they said without an order number they will not cancel. Huh? They can't look up my order with my name and address? So unless I come up with an order apparently my subscription will run forever! Beware! I have already contacted my AG and the US Atty.. They use unfair business practices and are committing mail fraud. p.s. you can buy what's in their kit package for far less at the pharmacy.

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  • Pros: 

    Don't have to visit a Dr in person


    . Stay away! Read below

    Rip off. The process to order is not easy but the real problem was being charged monthly hidden fees after my order was complete for several months. This isn't explained in checkout. They don't email you or provide terms of service on their website. Their is no receipt emailed to you and no way to review your order on their website. Customer service was unhelpful

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  • Pros: 

    The idea is interesting


    Worst customer service ever

    They made a mistake on their website in regards to when my item was shipping. When I contacted them it took 4 days for someone to respond and when their “customer service rep” Brittany finally did rather than say “we are sorry we made a mistake” they said no mistake was made and they were busy so that’s why they didn’t respond. There are so many better options where you’re actually cared for.

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  • Pros: 



    Use Keeps instead. Please, just avoid this company.

    This website deleted my review and I don't feel like re-typing my essay, so I will be brief. The customer support is unresponsive, and after my order sat in their queue for over a week, they try and give me a different product than what I requested. Keep in mind this is AFTER they already charged your credit card for the initial product that you ordered. Fine, no worries, send that instead. Another week goes by, still nothing. Turns out they cancelled my order due to "Something in my medical chart" and have never elaborated on what that actually meant. And after another week, finally my refund came in! Except wait, it's only a partial refund. The doctor's visit is nonrefundable, nothing they can do, their hands are tied! What an utter failure of a company. Go to Keeps instead, they sent me the Finasteride within 3 days of placing my order, zero hassle.

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  • Pros: 

    Received product as described


    Hidden membership fees, charges your account even after you don't renew prescription. Does not send emails when they charge your account.

    Shady companies don't deserve your money. Bottomline, stay away because they charge you and have shady practices of not emailing. You should receive an email every time your account is charged. I let mine go for a few months not thinking and I am sure I am not the only person.

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  • Pros: 

    The concept is good execution very poor.


    They ask for personal information they don't really need. Long process for no reason.

    Stay away don't waste your time or money. They lead me around by nose for a week just to cancel my order because I didn't give them a meds list that did give them.

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  • Pros: 




    Don’t fall for their shady business tactics. I lost my money to them. They make it impossible to unsubscribe from the profile and won’t refund your money if you can’t cancel shipping which they also don’t provide the option for.

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  • Pros: 

    Great to order product online.


    Ridiculous process. Re-order is more difficult than original order. They keep charging me, even though they havent shipped anything.

    Switched to Roman.

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  • Pros: 

    Nothing. Customer service is absolute garbage


    Can’t answer general questions correctly and NEVER responded in a timely manner. ‘Doctor’ was inconsiderate and dismissive.

    Honestly I would stay far away from these guys. Terrible experience overall. Do not reccomend.

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