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hiMoment is an app combining research in positive psychology with artificial intelligence to help you become happier by focusing on what's good in your life.

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😰 Today life becomes faster & faster. Social media news feeds do a very effective job at generating expectations, anxiety and stress. 😊 hiMoment is a new app based on research in positive psychology that helps you to capture your best moments regularly to shift your attention to the good things in your life. Great attention to details by Christoph & Mrož 👏👏👏
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thank you @__tosh for hunting! My name is Christoph, I am the co-founder of hiMoment, an app that helps people happier and grow, featuring hiMo the happiness guru. hiMo’s method combines research in positive psychology with smart algorithms and an entertaining user experience. We hope that it will help as many people as possible become the best versions of themselves - whether it is to become happier, more confident, or more motivated to pursue one’s goals. My cofounder @mrozilla will answer all questions related to the product and experience, while I am happy to take your questions regarding psychology and the business side of things. Try it out and let us know what you think!
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cool idea! As I see from the mock-ups you decided to go for the conversational design for your app. Why that?
@natalie_korotaeva cheers! The conversational interface is crucial to the whole experience. hiMo guides you through the whole process, gives you advice, and motivates you. Just like a gym trainer, he’s someone who you can trust, someone who will be there for you and push you if necessary. It only made sense to be able to talk to him 🙌 When it comes to chatbots, we’re doing several things that won’t work in the limited UI in Messenger or anywhere else (e.g. the whole interaction in the Flow screen, where you’re selecting which moment means to you the most). Here's a little secret, though 😬 I honestly can’t wait to build hiMo as a proper Messenger chatbot, and I'm cooking something special over the weekends 💪 I’m expecting it to be more of an addition to the app experience (and a fun experiment!) than a complete shift of our focus but we’ll see how that goes 🤘
@natalie_korotaeva @mrozilla True, Messenger is closed to SDK's.
Very promising! However, you are using a conversational interface in your app. Why did you decide to do that? Do you plan to build a chatbot version of it as well?<3
@bizarrochris cheers! Have a look at what I wrote to @natalie_korotaeva just above—including a little secret as well 🙀
one of my favorite austrian startups - rock on :)
Hi there! Thanks for posting this here, the app looks really promising. One question: The description in the app store say that the app is based on “research in positive psychology”. What findings specifically?
@clemenshelm thanks for your question. There are a couple of concepts we are linking together. When hiMo asks you what the best thing of your day ways, we are using the so called “savoring technique” that has been researched for decades and identified to be one of the best things we can do to improve subjective well being. Fred Bryant is a leading research on this specific topic. hiMo will also pose several happiness challenges to you, all of which are based on current research. In FLOW, we are showing you two of your moments and ask you which makes you happier - again and again. Here we couple "savoring" with "decision making". There is quite some research that connects happiness and our ability to make choices. Most notably, it appears that similar brain regions are affected when we are happy and when we make decisions. But no one has actually connected these two elements the way we are doing it in FLOW, and we are ourselves curious about it: We see that it works; we see that people really like it. But it's never been researched, so we are now partnering up with a university to investigate its effects.
@christoph_loewenherz Cool, thanks! I'm gonna give it a try. I'll let you know how it's working out for me ;)