Allows you to record, share and relive your child’s moments.

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HiMama is a mobile app for childcare centers. Currently, most of the early childhood industry remains paper based - child care providers spend a ton of time every single day completing paper based reports for parents on their children's nap schedule, meals, and activity milestones. What makes HiMama so special isn't just that they've digitized these reports (they have - and they are so easy to use), but they've also fully integrated emergent learning curriculum's (frameworks, as they are known in the sector) that provide a comprehensive child care documentation model for child care providers and a personalized parent report that highlights milestones, real-time photos and videos, email and SMS messages. Parents can use HiMama's iOS or Android apps for free and childcare providers can access HiMama for a really affordable monthly fee. P.S - They are the number #1 rated child care software on Capterra and have customers across Canada and the U.S!
Ron Spreeuwenberg
Co-Founder & CEO, HiMama
Hey Product Hunters! We're pretty pumped to have HiMama shared on Product Hunt. We get awesome love from the parents that use HiMama to stay connected with their children's special moments and learning activities. In particular, if you have little ones in daycare or preschool, you'll want to tell them to get on HiMama to keep you posted during the work day as well. Check us out and let us know what you think!
Amanda MundayFounder & CEO at The Workaround
We are so excited to be listed on Product Hunt. We have over 27 million moments and counting. Thanks Product Hunters!