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Hi Product Hunt! We are two Dartmouth professors who created HillaryDonald Go, an augmented reality game that is a hybrid between Pokemon Go and a political contest. Players follow maps to search for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump at 1,000,000 locales (“booths”) around the entire U.S (and U.S. embassies around the world). They select the candidate they prefer and shake their phones to send points—or “vibes”—to Clinton or Trump. The candidate with the most vibes wins the booth. Players compete in their neighborhoods, towns, and states to flip the most booths to their preferred candidate. The app may give social scientists and political pundits a sense of electoral mood across geographic spaces in a way that polls cannot easily do. Let us know what you think, we really appreciate any feedback about gameplay or other ideas for the game. We're about to add the option of finding Hillary's emails and Donald's tax returns as a way to get more vibes. Joseph Bafumi Mikhail Gronas
Politics just jumped the shark 😂
@rrhoover that's right...we finally have something we can enjoy about this election
Ha, great idea! With the success of Pokemon GO, I imagine we'll be seeing and more and more of these types of games. And I'm totally cool with that.
Haha who did the 3d models? Brilliant
@1greigcranfield Thanks. We worked with some great programmers for the models. They came out awesome.
Huh! I thought of something like this awhile back, where you would buy virtual politicians on the street, and work to get a country controlled by a single lobby group. I'm surprised that someone else thought of combining politics and Pokemon Go! Interesting how these things happen!
@laef That's a great idea for a game.