Hillary 2016

Hillary Clinton's new app to defeat Donald Trump

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Does it delete itself secretly without you knowing?!
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@johnalxndr this one is the best
"The only thing standing between Donald Trump and the presidency is us." A candidate that her best argument is that the other candidate is worse.
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@grmmph This is not an uncommon situation.
@andym_dc And proved to be a bad election strategy.
@grmmph Not quite. It's almost all reelection strategies. As an open office, the dynamics are obviously different, but then again, Trump is flawed in ways no other candidate has been.
@grmmph also, I'm not conceding that this is Hillary's strategy. She has a lot of good things going for her. The strategy is there, though, should she decide to employ it.
@andym_dc - That "flawed" candidate is now leading over 5%. - She's responsible for the both campaign's success and failure. - This is not a side-note, this is the heading. If she's not reading her own campaign we have a bigger problem here. It's about time lefties around the world will stop say how bad the righties are, and start advertise their and their candidates' good sides. If she has so much to offer, come on, lets hear it.
2016: The year when presidential candidates make apps
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@nivo0o0 ... for iOS only
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@nivo0o0 did they not get the memo about bots?!
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@chrismessina oh we got the memo about bots.
@stinhambo According to the site Android is coming soon
For crying out loud.... can we please keep politics out of Product Hunt? PLEASE? This is the last place I want to see discord between candidates and their supporters. There are so few places left online to go to and discuss what makes the world great, and it ain't the politicians.
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@grberk I agree, PH has become somewhere I stopped visiting daily because of all the political back-and-forth. I really just want to see good tech hunts! Every post about politics descends into a pit of name-calling and rhetoric. Maybe I'll start of product that keeps politics out of PH and someone can hunt it!
@fbara @grberk Oh, the horror of having to face reality. If it's political, refrain from clicking the link and your conundrum magically disappears.
@andym_dc @fbara @grberk Seriously, God forbid that we face reality and have to answer to facts. @fbara is the same guy who keep posting on a Melania Trump Chrome extension thread (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) as well, citing that there was no plagiarism and that other politicans do it too! I even volunteered to build a competing app instead if that was truly the case and if Hillary had indeed plagiarized as he claimed, and of course he never came back with any actual facts, but he continues to complain about anything political that does not support Trump. Sad!
@andreioprisan @fbara @grberk LOL you're telling me he's not even sincere, but rather shrouding his Trump support in complaining about political apps on PH? Hahahaha.Honestly, that has Trump supporter written all over it, I should've caught that.
@andym_dc @andreioprisan @fbara @rrhoover Seriously guys... I'm not interested in being dragged through this. I didn't post my first comment to start a flame war in here. I don't have any desire to be included in the replies you've had back in forth. Leave me out of the replies, please or start a new thread. I simply voiced my concern about politics being brought into a place that I enjoyed visiting each day for tech and new products. Now it's being ruined by this conflict.
Clinton is corrupt. Vote third party.
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@douglance so trump can win? Clever you.
@douglance If you vote third party, you're handing Trump the presidency. That's too high a price to pay, given the racism and xenophobia that he promotes, as well as the anti-LGBT and anti woman choice platform of the GOP (https://www.gop.com/platform/ren...)
@andreioprisan I'm an independent, and I voted for the Green Party last election but rationality and truth are two of my values so I want to clarify: Trump was pro-gay before Hillary(His recent support of the community:
). Trump hired the first woman to oversee building a skyscraper in 1980. Trump is married to an immigrant. "Mexican" is not a race, Trump isn't against Mexicans. He is against illegal immigration and criminals. He is pro law and order. I think you're letting the media think for you a little too much. Look at the data yourself, instead of letting some kid at the NYT or whichever biased media outlet think for you.