Inject some fun into your next group gathering with Hilarity's real-time game of 'Most Likely To...' Great as a little pre-Zoom meeting ice-breaker, or even turn it into a drinking game and choose some of the more risqué questions...!
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Inspired by our current lockdown situation, I came up with this idea to provide people with a way to still have fun with their friends, just as they would when meeting up in person. Hilarity is a real-time multiplayer game of 'Most Likely To...', where players can vote for the person they think is most likely to do what the question suggests. Once the votes have been cast, the player(s) with the most votes are encouraged to take a forfeit of the group's choice. The great thing about Hilarity is that it can be played remotely, why not set up a video call and play together - and it can also be played in person around a table once social distancing is over. You can join games set up by other people as long as you have the unique code which they can provide, or you can host your own game with Hilarity premium and set your own questions - either create your own or choose from a huge selection of Hilarity questions.
Ha ha! Looking forward to playing this on family Zoom night!
@toddmakes Fantastic! Please do let us know how it goes :)
@toddmakes How did it go?
Really fun game!
@jamie_bell3 glad you like it Jamie!