At home grocery scanner (& soon shopper)

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This baby is going to give the Amazon Dash a run for it's money. And it's a sexy looking device to boot. Grocery shopping is pretty much always a chore for me - hardly ever a fun experience. This is going to take a lot of pain out of making lists, and hopefully will ship it all right to your door soon. The one thing that will always be hard for me to not be part of is picking out meat and produce. I've ordered Fresh Direct a # of times, and it's obvious they grab the first few apples off the top and bag them for you. I always go through the trouble of sifting through and find the great looking ones or I don't get them at all. Same with seeing how meat and seafood look
@KristoferTM I could see these being perfect for ordering non-perishables and other things I care less about, but I doubt I'll ever be ordering meat and produce through the internet (at least not from the actual producer).
@rrhoover I have both devices and the Hiku is great -- nice and simple.
I tried hunting it after seeing their press release but it's already been a year!! @max Not sure if you have an API yet but it would be awesome to use Hiku to make my Instacart orders!
If it gets traction, Instacart (and other on-demand delivery services) could be a nice partner (cc @Max). Here's a link to the Amazon Dash thread.
@clarklab Yea I agree. Although if I'm already going to the store once/week to get perishables, I'm probably more likely to get everything else there too