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Love this idea, I'm such an outdoors person and always looking for new hikes. I find it really interesting that this is an open-source, Wiki kind of site... if the makers see this, how do you plan on keeping the entries high quality?
@cmrberry Really appreciate the kind words! Anyone can submit a change, but before it goes live for all users, it goes through a review process. Basically, I get an email and can either approve or reject the change. So that should keep the spam out, but keeping quality high is trickier because there is a lot that goes into it. Are the pictures high quality? Is the description written in an appropriate tone? Etc. Currently, to fix those sort of issues, I'm manually cleaning things up. I think ideally it would be run like Wikipedia where there are guidelines on things should be done, and a team of moderators ensures high quality.
Added to my Outdoors collection: http://www.producthunt.com/anuja...
No Virginia hikes - UNACCEPTABLE! I'll have my dad fill in some great ones so we can go ahead and fix that, he's a bit of an expert and can help out. Love this!
Love the fact that the founders decided to open source it. Great execution. I certainly plan to add couple of hikes from my side. https://github.com/zaknelson/hik...
I'll just sit in New York City feeling sad, thank you very much.
@bhalp1 What about urban hikes?