Hike is the automated SEO solution for startups. We've built it for founders who know SEO is important, but don't want to pay for agencies/consultants and don't have the time to learn SEO themselves. Hike helps you build a bespoke SEO strategy, generates a tailored list of actions to complete and tracks your performance ongoing.

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I really like this team, and they've come up with a really good idea here.
@martinsfp cheers Martin! Appreciated
Had a great time working with @kieranheadley and @andy_allen on the Ignite accelerator as they built Hike on the programme. Two domain specialists solving a real-world problem! What's been the hardest part of building Hike for you both so far? What's the big vision?
@andy_allen @fatkidonfire so the hardest part was probably getting the keyword suggestion tool right. There are so many levels of knowledge when it comes to SEO (some know a little, some a lot, some none at all), that we had to create a tool that helped founders of all those expertise levels found useful. That's why beta testing was so ace. It uncovered a lot of improvements we could make. The big vision is to help startups outside of the tech sphere, and help all small businesses. We want to develop our task engine even further too, and implement machine learning into the recommendation process. Our task engine can be combined with some form of automated implementation, eg we apply the suggestions directly from our tool into the website.
The perfect platform for startups who want to do SEO for their business, but don't know how. They can't afford for agency support, and they want to learn themselves.
@kieranheadley just startups or would it also work with personal brands?
Hi @nnovick , It will work with all websites not just startups.
Looks interesting. What's the instillation process?
@neilcocker it's a cloud based platform so there's no installation needed on your website. We crawl the website, and along with the strategy you create using Hike, we give you a list of actions to make that will implement that strategy and improve your SEO
@kieranheadley Great! I'd honestly get that in the first 5 seconds of your pitch! For those with small access to dev, or who are bootstrapping, this will be a really attractive feature. I know how easy it is for all those "single line of code" installations to slip down the priority list.
Nice stuff! Any monthly plans available?
Hey @nickchuckwalter, Sure we offer Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual and Annual packages, you can see the packages available here - https://hikeseo.co/pricing/