World's first customisable skins for gaming headsets

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Darren Bird
Darren BirdMaker@birdyabroad
Welcome to Hijakd skins for headphones and headsets. Hijakd is the only brand worldwide that enables you to customise gaming headsets or music headphones. This is achieved through purchasing a skin, or hedskin as we like to call it, and simply attaching this to the headphones or headset. Hijakd skins enable the wearer to add some personality to their headsets or headphones. The skins also add a layer of protection, for example, a barrier against scratches, dust, dirt and even rainwater. We’ve designed our hedskins to be super stretchy, so they will fit small, medium and large sized gaming headsets and music headphones. Please visit our website at www.hijakd.com and let us know what you think. Many thanks, darren@hijakd.com
tom galli
tom galliMaker@galli_tom · Dude
Look good, might just order me a set!
Nicolas Glover
Nicolas GloverMaker@nicolas_glover
Thanks for all the support .... it's very much appreciated