The first 3D type foundry for VR/AR, games, 3D-web and CGI

Hightype is a Berlin based Typefoundry focusing on spatial typography. They design fonts for use in spatial contexts. While exploring arising possibilities, they specialise in the necessities of 3D-environments.
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Until now I never thought about the need for 3D/spatial fonts 🤔
@rrhoover I hope 3D-type will spark a new ways of dealing with (virtual) space — Also 3D-Printing is a possible application
@rrhoover @surprisinglythisratherworks Can definitely see a demand for the font as VR becomes ubiquitous.
@rrhoover @lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan! So excitign to depart for uncharted waters!
Luv dis - and bought one :)