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A lot of the things we buy are to show off our wealth and success. We spend a lot of money on a fancy watch to impress people around us, drive a red sports car, etc. Really all it's about is showing off how much money you've got to waste, so I figured why not cut out the middleman? Why not create a scoreboard which you can 'win' by simply spending the most money? That's how HIGHSCORE.MONEY was born. It's one of my simplest products til date and I have no idea if it will resonate with people, but it's worth a shot right? Happy to answer any questions!
@marckohlbrugge Where does the money go?
@marckohlbrugge I see it as a redo of the million dollars webpage. It can work if it gathers lots of attention. I like the idea. Cheers
@marckohlbrugge it's like the million dollar homepage all over again haha cc @tewy
@vandeveire The idea of site is that you purchase a spot in the highscore list so I purposely don't provide any value besides that. Therefore the money goes to me, the maker, as for most people that should add no additional incentive to purchase the spot. For example, if the money went to a charity then the site becomes about who is the most charitable which is interesting as well, but a very different concept.
@joantune Yep, the whole idea relies on it gathering attention. What's interesting though, is that the amount to participate grows with the attention it deserves. I believe the million dollar homepage was $1 per pixel whether you purchased it in the beginning while you had no guarantee it would get popular, or all the way at the end when they got worldwide coverage. With HIGHSCORE.MONEY you can be in the top 3 right now for $5, and you'll slowly move down the list as the site gets more popular.
can i borrow $21?
Great idea. Really outlines well the psychology behind the status symbols
@pianologos Thanks Irina. I feel like people are becoming more and more unapologetic (is that the right word?) when it comes to their status symbols, so I figured why not do away with all the unnecessary cruft of buying stuff and just have a leaderboard instead.
Awesome, Marc. Show me the money.