Highprofile Alert

Notify you when people you want to meet come to your city

Highprofile alert notifies you when people you’re following on Twitter come to your city. It’s aiming for solving the problem that knows whether they are around you or not is very hard due to much contents traffics on SNS.
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@derrickmv Thanks always :)
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Awesome idea. Especially for influencer followers :) I follow lots of traders and its cool to be able to know when they come to my town.
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@jeff_silver Thanks Jeff. I genuinely hope you can get an opportunity with them through Highprofile alert :)
👋Hello Product Hunters! :) I’m Shun, a software engineer, with a tireless work ethic and I love to code! As of Septemeber 2019, I commit to shipping 20 products in 20 weeks. ( https://shyamady.dev ) 📖Story I’m from Japan. And I have spent almost all my life there. We don’t have much enthusiastic startup culture. So I had tried to mingle with those who are in the Valley or other cities through Twitter. I’ve followed tons of people there. Only the following is natively enough. But sometimes they tweeted a tweet like “Heading to Tokyo”, “I’m going to speak in the conference held in Japan”. As I discover these kinds of tweets, I tried to reply to a pitch to them. Twitter is amazing! But it’s so crowded. To notice a tweet that gives me a chance is difficult. So I have decided to find a solution that notifies me when someone tweets a tweet including keywords I set up. Zapier or IFTTT solves this problem. But they don’t support searching tweets in MY OWN TIMELINE. It kicks me up to build Highprofile alert. 😀How it works 1. Set up a keyword on mypage. The name of the city, area, or event is better. 2. We’ll let you know when someone tweets a tweet including these keywords you set up. 3. You should reply to a pitch to him/her to have a cup of coffee or so. 🔥Mission Miss the chance is an underestimated problem. Not only on Twitter, but I am always focusing on finding something which lets me progress forward. Contents traffic disturbs you to get what really makes your life to get better. I’m going to solve this huge problem with Highprofile alert from today!