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Thanks for posting @Bosefina. Maker of Highly here. We'd love to hear what you guys think!
I've had the pleasure of using Highly for several months and keep coming back to it. It's been great not just for distilling my reading, but for the social aspect. Anxiously awaiting for it to open up so I can read with all my friends!
@nayafia Yes! It's a nice new feeling to "read together" online.
Other Maker here. Hello!
I'm have always struggled with being able to share my readings on Twitter constrained by the 140 characters. Highly solves that problem with visually pleasing display of my highlights. Amazon Kindle Highlights have always been a source of pain b/c it feels like my highlights just go into the ether. With Highly I can save my readings, share, and also integrate with Pocket! The Pocket integration encourages me to read archived articles and share what resonates with the rest of the world! It really creates a virtuous cycle for reading :) @Eric and @Andrew - will there be a Kindle integration down the line? I would love to share readings from books!
@Bosefina Thanks! In our experience, sharing your highlights from an article has been the Just-Right-sized way to share. Tweeting/pasting a quote is Too Small, and sharing a link to read the whole article is Too Much. Reading shared highlights saves you time, and you get a sense of which ideas resonated with the sender. Speedy and personal! Reading List integration is useful for time-shifting articles as usual, and because I have a lot of friends on Highly, I'll often notice that they've already highlighted stories I've Pocketed. I can start by reading their highlights, and sometimes that's all I need to read! Kindle integration will be great – keeping all highlights together is surely the way to go. Today, though, Amazon's not agreeable to sharing highlights outside of the Kindle universe. So "down the line" it is.