Highlights for Chrome

Highlight as you read and create a personal knowledge repo

Highlight, tag and add private notes across the web. All your notes and tags will popup next time you visit the page. Search across all your highlights and notes from a single dashboard.
Build your personal knowledge repository now.
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Hi @producthunt I am the maker of Highlights for Chrome and it is our first product on ProductHunt. I spend a lot of time reading online. I have always liked taking notes while reading. I remember making notes when watching Mentalist as well :) I tried various tools for making quick highlights, tagging and adding private notes. I was not happy with any of the tools and so we started working on Highlights extension. We were happy with the feedback we got for our MVP and since then we have been putting full focus on this. As an avid online reader I know that not hampering your reading flow is of at-most importance. This is our primary focus. So as you are reading an article just select your favourite parts and highlight them with a single click. When you are done reading your article you can click on the highlights you have made to add private notes or tag them for making it easier for you to search later. If you can't do it right away don't worry you can always tag and add private notes later from our dashboard - https://alpha.app.learningpaths.... I have been using this personally for last couple of months. I have made over 1000 highlights today and I can access them all from the dashboard. We made some tweaks to our search recently. Now I am able to pinpoint any particular highlight from our search in less than 5 seconds. We are still tweaking may parts to make it better and more intuitive. We want to shape our product based on the user feedback and hence we are releasing it early as an alpha. Roadmap 1. Make highlights public and shareable. When this is live you can share it with your friends and then can go to the exact highlight on the page if they have installed our chrome extension. 2. Public search : Each user can make highlights public. Others also can search amongst your public highlights. 3. Android App for the same functionality. If you need to highlight anything on Android just open the link in our internal browser and you can highlight any sections like you do on Web. Would love to have your feedback.
Love the product, looking forward to trialling it πŸ‘
@lachlankirkwood Looking forward to your feedback. Digital marketing specialists and agencies are at top of seven personas we are targeting with this product. Would love to have your feedback about how we can fine tune the product to enable your existing workflows for digital marketing.
@gokul_nk1 Happy to let you know of any feedback πŸ‘