Highlight allows you to extract one or multiple HD photos from your Videos, Live Photos, and GIFs in a super easiest way.
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Hi Community, Designer from One Switch. My new personal project now is live, it’s an idea from when I’m running. I was stuck with how to take a picture of myself when I am running alone, it’s too slow to control your iPhone camera by your Apple Watch. Put down your phone, take a video, extract HD frames after you run, that's it. The whole app was written by Google Flutter, so it’s available on both iOS and Google Play. Here’re three free promo codes to the community, if you used, please leave a comment below, thank you in advance. NLW4T39L4JM9 7JPWHXW6E6HF 6P9KPXNFWKAE
@creativewang Looks like all 3 codes are used & none of them bothered to leave a comment 😹
I used one of the codes and checking it out. Thanks so much. Looks promising.
One thing I don’t understand or the app is not able to perform is the ability to hold down onto a direction and have the app move in a faster rate in the video or to slide your finger across the video to a selected section so you can see that section. You have to keep hitting the left or right arrow to advance the video. Not good for long videos or lack or available time. Is there anyway to add the functionality of just pressing on a direction to move the speed of the video or enabling a speed option in the settings?
@haitianwatcher Sounds cool, long pressing backward or frontwards button to move the speed if the video, even you can tap video to play and pause at anytime.
Or even auto play the video frame by frame and the user can stop it at a point and then tap the arrows forward or backwards frame by frame to get the perfect shot.
@haitianwatcher Will add this in next update:)
Two other options that would make this app better is the ability to enlarge a frame within the app to get a better look at the gram. The second would be the ability to exit the app and save the section of the viewing as a project so that you can get back to it and also be able to name the project so that you will know what the editing section was about when you return to it. The ability to have multiple projects would be nice as well.