Highlight 2.0

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Nice writeup on new highglight by @ryanlawler "Highlight was founded around the time of the social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) boom of early 2012. Along with startups like Sonar and Glancee, the company promised to “highlight” interesting people nearby, thanks to a combination of GPS location data, and persistent identity through Facebook connect, and the ability to know a whole lot about your interests and relationships you share on social networks. That boom went bust, and Highlight is more or less the last player standing in what used to be a pretty crowded market."
Paul and I were at Stanford together, and he's a persistent, smart entrepreneur by all accounts. I believe in his vision, but simply wonder 'when' it'll be realized. Timing is important for everything.
Just test drove the new app. It's a killer iteration.
@dshan - can you give us the rundown? what stands out?