"Highlight" physical books through conductive pages 📖✨

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Is there a video of the real thing? The gif and video on the home page are a rendering. You can see the book moving and the highlighting staying in the same spot.
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Hey! Thank you for adding this page here, happy to explain everything. We created it a while ago as a proof of concept - basically the idea was to apply the conductive grid to every page of the book. As we would know xyEnter and xyLeave of the finger, we could corelate this data to an actual content of the book. There would have to be some 'pairing' device though, we have tested few approaches, but not sure about this one. If someone would like to develop it further please feel free to message me at patryk.adas@gmail.com @JakeWesorick The video you mention is post-produced to show the behavior - the fact that you don't need to actively use any external devices to actually save the content, as people usually take *pictures* of the text. We have envisioned it as 'swiping' the book, sort of.
This looks awesome
Obviously this is very early stage, but how is this not blowing the fuck up right now?
What is this sorcery! Medium for the real world. This would have been amazing to have in reference books when at school.