Turn any room into a cloud-based video conferencing room

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Hey folks. I'm Shan, founder / ceo here. Let me know if there are any questions that I can answer here.
@shansinha Do you ship to Europe? :)
@Virtualgoodz Not yet. Stay tuned! We have had some customers buy it here in the US and then transport it themselves to another country, but that is not currently a supported scenario!
@shansinha Nor a very practical one! Ever heard of https://backpackbang.com/ though?
@Virtualgoodz I have not.. but thanks for the link!
@shansinha I just started using your product at my new job, and it's been the best video conferencing experience I've had to date. Well done!!
Hey everyone! I'm Charles, another designer on the Highfive team. Happy to be here! If you have any questions, or want to chat about Highfive, i'm here.
I'm Alex Limi, one of the designers at Highfive. Let me know if you have any questions!
Highfive looks like it trumps ChromeBox on user experience.
@kingsleyharris Thanks! We've been working hard to make it a great experience, and one that uses smartphones and laptops in an intelligent and seamless way.
I'd consider anything that can consistently get meetings up and running in under 5 minutes of troubleshooting a massive disruption. I'm interested to see how Highfive's user-centered approach (beyond UI) to this problem pans out.
@thatguyBG Thanks! That's indeed an important part of why we're doing this — we want it to be user-centered, seamless, working across all your devices and easily being able to transfer calls between them.