Product Hunt for consciousness

Been going to and from HE for the past 2/3 years. The creator, @jlejuwaan, deserves lots of credit for the work he has done. Lots of improvements in recent times, and it's almost becoming a PH for mind-opening articles/videos/quotes. Incredibly powerful community and constantly great content.
@itsjoeturner - Thanks Joe! PH was a huge inspiration for the latest re-design of HE. Many, many thanks to @ryanhoover for kick in the pants that is PH.
Hey all, I'm the creator of HighExistence :) It started as a humble blog in 2009 and has since gone through a ton of re-designs to become a PH/reddit of thought-provoking content. We're all about self-improvement, following your bliss, psychedelics, consciousness, productivity, and mind-blowing ideas.
So meta. "HighExistence (HE) is a community of conscious individuals centered around pondering, exploring & expanding this wondrous experience called life."
@jlejuwaan is the creator. Jordan, get on here amigo!
@ryanalam I'm here! Wow, long time no talk Ryan!