Platform for hiring hourly employees (YC W15)

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Interesting to see this is a YC15. Isn't this in competition with OnboardIQ, also YC? https://www.onboardiq.com/
I presume hiring at my startup is really different than hiring an hourly employee -- but I've never done it. What is the biggest misconception about how to do it well?
@ikirigin I think one of the biggest problems is relying on a well-crafted resume - or experience in general - as being reflective of whether someone is a good fit or not. This may not be that different from the tech world! But in hospitality, hiring someone that is friendly, lives close by, and has flexible availability is a lot more important than hiring someone with a specific set of experiences.
Ah! Got caught of guard here. :-) Hey all, I'm one of the Co Founders at HigherMe. We help retailers, restaurants, and on-demand companies like Zoomer and Magic find/screen/hire hourly workers. The company was born our of my Co Founders frustrations owning a chain of Marble Slab ice cream stores. Hiring for hourly roles has really unique challenges that do not generally get a lot of tech attention. We use technology to take the pain out of dealing with this class of worker Happy to answer any questions - and if anyone has connections to those in need of our help, let me know!
@evanlodge Seems like the startup is well-positioned as the fourth industrial revolution brings us closer to a project-based economy, where being an "hourly employee" might be the norm for most of us. That said: are there dangers to encouraging this kind of thing? Do you worry about the treatment of hourly employees, or how they might receive or manage insurance/benefits/pensions/taxes/etc.? I'm curious in general about the systemic implications. If I'm off-base, don't hesitate to say so. Thanks!
@ryanjamurphy It is certainly an interesting question, however, most of the applicants we work with would be doing hourly work even if the overall trend towards the gig based economy did not exist. A good portion of the on-demand workforce would otherwise have been working an 'hourly' job in a restaurant or similar type workplace regardless of larger economic trends.
Like the name like the concept --- how are the results?
@samir_doshi :-) I can't complain.