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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I’m partial to email-first startups, and I like the direction Highbrow has taken. It's a nice MVP -- the site is easy to browse and behind the scenes it appears that they're using Mailchimp and several dozen custom groups to distribute the courses.

I just subscribed to the Street Artists You Should Know course.
Hillel Fuld — CMO @ZCastApp, Startup Advisor, Blogger
@rrhoover but... Too many emails! :(
Zavyalov Artem — Co-founder @Highbrow
@hilzfuld but there are useful emails that form good daily habits. In case of Highbrow it's to learn something new not related to professional activities on a daily basis.
Zavyalov Artem — Co-founder @Highbrow
Hi, I'm co-founder @goHighbrow.
Thanks for posting, @wishblizz :)

Highbrow is something to scratch my own itch. @janelimanskaya and I made Highbrow in order to help people expand their horizons and master new areas of knowledge daily, in less time than it takes to drink a coffee.

I would really appreciate any feedback from you. Happy to answer any questions.
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