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OK this is actually pretty neat. I smoke alone 99.7% of the time now that I've been out of college for a few years and have settled into a city where I only know handfuls of people. Once in awhile, it would be totally awesome to meet someone to smoke with. That's something I really miss from my college glory days. Also, when you meet people you're ~interested~ in, you will eventually hit a point where you're like "do I tell them I smoke? how much I smoke? how often? how do i bring it up?" I'm fairly nonchalant about my cannabis consumption, and the tides are definitely shifting toward it being a more socially accepted thing, but I still know many many people who work at visible companies that have to be extremely discreet about their cannabis use. Totally meets a need. Downloading! Edit: NOOO :( Android only. So this is how the other side feels....
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@stttories Haha I love everything about this post. Especially the end!
@stttories As a guess, this may have a hard time passing Apple approval. We've done two pot related apps so far and the first one took 4 submissions before approval.
I'm seeing more cannabis-related products emerge lately. Here are a few others in @olivalcf's Cannabis Hunt collection... although there are probably more Tinder for X products out there. ๐Ÿ˜›
Any legal issues that could arise from this? Possible way for undercover agents to find illegal cannabis users?
@joedandachli lol, that was my thought as well.
This is a pretty interesting niche. Do pot smokers really feel the need to connect with each other? Clever name too.
I imagine this could become popular in states where it is legalised or medicinally legal. Using it exclusively in those regions would diminish the legal issues of getting caught in the act by an undercover agent as mentioned by @joedandachli.