Advice for founders is all over the place. The High Output Founders' Library is a curated collection of 300+ templates, guides, articles and essays packed with actionable, practical advice for early-stage startup founders and operators. All signal, no noise.
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Hey all! I'm Rishi, one of the makers of the High Output Founders' Library! We're really excited to share this first version of the Library, which we put together as a way to find the most tactical and practical advice for founders all in once place. This is just a V1! We're excited to continue improving and iterating on the Library with collaborators across the ecosystem— we're fans of open parks of knowledge and information, as opposed to walled gardens. Feel free to chime in on what you'd want to see added to the library, whether its categories, people, or specifics pieces! Some things on our roadmap: * Condensing Tweetstorms and subsequent discussion to the most salient information * A section on go-to-market strategy and one on sales & marketing * More resources targeted towards distributed teams, including immigration advice! The Library will be an open resource for the community that we hope will grow and continue to add value for early stage founders and operators for years to come. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to me ( or Steve (! Thanks so much, and enjoy building!
This is an awesome resource for an aspirational designation (i.e. to become a "high output founder")!
Best kind of service you have got there.
Thank you very much for sharing this and a wonderful idea behind library media types.
@ravi_bajnath Thanks Ravi! Glad you're finding it valuable :)
Awesome toolkit! See lots of valuable data for my side project. Why did you decide to launch the website on Notion?
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