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Know what your friends are doing and chat without typing



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Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
There are a few errors in the first screenshot "Know what you Friends are Upto" - doesnt make sense. Also.... why do we need another messaging app? What is going to stop people using Messenger, Whatsapp, etc etc and make them use this? What is the benefit?
RussellMaker@russellgodinho · Founder, ProperInvoice and Hie
@bentossell Hey Ben - The Status screen lets you know what your friends are doing. Users can set their status using Emojis. So its a fun way to know whats going on. Agreed, there are way too many Chat apps out there. What makes Hie unique is that you can chat without typing. Users can send Predefined Messages, Pics, GIFs and locations to friends or groups. This app was built out of a personal need. I was busy with some project work and did not have the time to type back, I also hated the forwards that kept coming in and distracting me. So I thought why not have an app that cuts out the clutter and simplifies communication. PS: This is an MVP, so hoping to get feedback from ProductHunters to make it better.
Ben TossellPro@bentossell · newCo
@russellgodinho Ok... I just dont know that its a big enough differentiator that people will use this over other messaging apps Realistically it takes a couple seconds to write a message
RussellMaker@russellgodinho · Founder, ProperInvoice and Hie
@bentossell Don't intend it to be a replacement to any of the existing messaging apps. This is just another fun way to communicate when you want to say something quickly and in a fun way.
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
RussellMaker@russellgodinho · Founder, ProperInvoice and Hie
Hie! ProductHunters Introducing Hie Chat. Hie is an app that allows you to Know What Your Friends are Doing and to Chat Without Typing. Hie was built out of a personal need to communicate quickly and in a fun manner. Please feel free to add me as a friend on Hie. My username is Rusty Chat Flow: ---------- 1. Pick a Friend / Group 2. Pick an Option - Pics, Location, GIFs, Replies, Rants, Love, Angry Busy etc 3. Tap to Send Features: 1. Chat to Users or Groups 2. Pick Predefined messages based on topics such as Replies, Food, Busy, Angry Rants etc 3. Send GIFs to communicate 4. Send Locations 5. Get Creative. Express yourself using Pics and the inbuilt photo editor 6. Tell your friends what you are upto. Set your status using Emojis. Ps: This is a MVP. I plan on developing this further. Please feel free to email me on russ@hie.me regarding your thoughts, ideas and feedback Thanks Rusty :)