List your home and only accept the offers you love 🏡

Hidsi is the first app that offers every homeowner the opportunity to register their home regardless of their intention to sell it, and to get offers they will love to accept.

We operate worldwide, focusing on major cities.

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Very good idea! Very interesting concept! Which city would you plan to start on?
Thanks @david770! We'll start with Paris, as we know it the best. But everyone, from any city in the World, is already more than welcomed. San Francisco for instance, where real estate market is crazy right now, might be an ideal place for us too.
great concept and nice execution!
Interesting concept, however, Zillow has a similar "make me move" listing option and at least in the US there is a great deal more to a real estate offer and transaction than just the offer amount.
Thanks @bitler, I didn't know it! The first difference I see is that we don't display the homeowner minimum price since it seems already too "engaging" from their point of view and too close to a usual listing process. We also require at least 9 pictures for the home (instead of 1 for Zillow) from the homeowner & a reduced fee for the interest buyer in order to limit the connections to only the ones that could really lead to a sale. We also don't handle the transaction process, only the connection since we opted for "limited value/global brand" scenario. Which has of course its Pro's & con's. Thank you very much for the feedback. Deeper analysis of their service shall be very insightful for us.

As an homeowner, I like to be able to test the market for my home without any constraint.

The app is really easy to use (seems very inspired by Airbnb UX).

Keep going!


Like the concept!


Not many homes so far

Hi everyone! We're really excited to (finally!) release hidsi. If you're a homeowner and you're not selling your home right now, you should definitely have a look at our app. It's really easy to list your home and this way, you can know more about your home attractiveness & receive great potential offers from buyers. I'm here to answer any questions about hidsi. We'd love to ear your feedback on our concept & our app! Romain --- How does it work? 1. The homeowner sets a minimum price they would sell for (price invisible to buyers). 2. An interested buyer sets a price they would be willing to pay for that home. 3. If there's a match, hidsi will connect you: you should talk! --- Why does it work? HOMEOWNERS Too often, selling your home is a race against time. You must sell quickly and sometimes end up making major concessions. With hidsi you can anticipate the sale take the time to find the best price for your home. We help you assess your home attractiveness by providing you with useful information we have collected about your home, your area, and your city. So even if you don’t sell through hidsi, you will still benefit from using our services. Think of selling your home as the starting point of your dream projects! Registering your home on hidsi is like buying a lottery ticket for free. Sell at the best price ever, and buy bigger, change your life, go for a trip around the world… you name it! BUYERS All homes that are not available on the traditional real estate market are now at your fingertips! Classic real estate agents can only offer you homes that are explicitly set for sale. This is less than 10% of the potential market. With hidsi, you have access to a platform that gives you the other 90%!