Hidizs DH1000

Turns all your devices into a luxury stereo system

Hidizs DH1000 is designed for music enthusiasts. The dual DACs are embedded in a balanced op-amp circuit to maximize the stereo separation. With its dual-channel headphone amplifiers, the stereo flows across both the left and right side of your headphones to deliver world-class performance and a sense of balance to ensuring your music will come through as pure as it can ever be.

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Or you could purchase it for $50 - $80 less and get it immediately https://www.aliexpress.com/item/...
@allnick Way to support startups.
@allnick @jeddyhsu What's the point to create a startup for a product that already exists in almost identical fashion?
@allnick Why the hell is this on kickstarter if they are just dropshipping.
@jonasbjornsson because they want to make money of course!
@jeddyhsu lol ... so because they area a "startup" I shouldn't share with the community a cheaper alternative?
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Thanks for sharing with the community - don't really good headphones (like Bose) already do what this piece of hardware aims to? @allen_huang
@allen_huang @abadesi Bose headphones aren't normally considered "really good headphones" outside of their signature active noise cancellation. Unless the headphones are connected directly via cable for a direct digital input, it is using the source device's built in DAC. Although you can use your own amp, or potentially even run it through another DAC, ultimately you're just augmenting the sound that's already been processed through the device's DAC. Think about it a bit like trying to "enhance" a lower resolution photograph. Typically, the internal DACs in devices are subpar. In general, bluetooth utilizes its own compression as well. AptX is supposed to be better than A2DP but not all devices support it. If you want the best fidelity, you need to be connected directly to the device (E.g. lightning on iPhone) and have a higher quality DAC and/or amp.
@abadesi When comes to the High impedance headphones like Sennheiser headphones usually have 150 - 300Ω impedance. You normal music source like your cellphone or laptop does not have the ability to drive those headphones. In order to experience the full advantage of the High impedance headphones, you will need the external Amplifier like Hidizs DH1000 to help your cellphone or laptop. In the mean time, DH1000 can provide a much better sound quality than your cellphone or laptop due to its professional audio circuit design.
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it is suitable should be.
Great job!! 😊 Is it available for shipping to India. Would love to feature it on my website as well do you send review units
@ayush_chandra Yes, our Kickstarter campaign is free shipping to all the countries, include india