Hidizs AP80

Next generation ultraportable hifi music player

The mini portable Hidizs AP80 utilizes the premium ESS ES9218P DAC to ensure top sound quality while using HiBy's 3.0-Linux Version for the best UI experience and wheel volume control. Additional features like a bluetooth connection, built-in FM radio, step counter, aptx lossless connectivity and more creates the ideal Hi-Fi player for any athlete.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Alexander Smekhov
Managing Director
Pretty much risky to launch music player in 2018. Hope it will find target audience
Mihai SerbanDigital Product Designer
The UI looks pretty 2006 to me.
@serbanmd sad but true
Fraser Smith
Software Developer, Shanghai, China
There's enough similarity with this : https://www.alibaba.com/product-... to make me extremely suspicious that this is anything other than an attempt to finance and profit from the simple distribution of an existing product.
Igor Gorbenko
SaaS Marketing Manager
what makes it ULTRA portable though? does it just follow you on its own, or teleports to your location at request?
Bret Prins 🔥Web Developer
@di_ry Would 100% purchase the moment teleportation feature is released 👍
Babken Karapetyan
Innovation is a Memetic Evolution
In 2018 product would find his market place to hard. How much will it cost?
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