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Hide messages in iMessage, troll your friends 👹

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I was just messing with my buddy that owes me money. I told him if he didn't pay me I'd hack his phone. He said he didn't have the money. So I did what any good troll does.
@mjmcclain hahaha how did he react?
Thanks for the hours of good fun ahead.
Ha! This is so troll. 👹
@rrhoover well... what can I say.... yes? O:-)
If you double tap on the message it becomes visible again 💔
@srjavierramos yes. That removes the sticker... so.. Hide it, write something after etc, so that i gets lost
Deleting a message in iMessages does not really delete it - at least not at your chatpartners end. This problem is solved with a white sticker which is dragged over the message. I am sure Alex can tell you more about this :-)
@hankewickhorst Thanks Hanke! :) Simple idea, but useful for most people I suppose... btw: it´s free for now, so every Product Hunter can grab it easily! If anyone has questions, I will do my best to answer
@alex_brommer Most important question: What made you build it? I have a few obvious and very embarrassing cases in mind :-)
@hankewickhorst haha. True indeed. Basically you can "revert" everything you said. Imagine you call your girlfriend by the wrong name? :D
@alex_brommer exactly. Even though I hope I will never need your stickers.. I am glad I have them by my side :-D
@hankewickhorst they can even be used just for fun / as a prank. There is always a need for fun. :D