Hidden Layer

Interviews with musicians about their creative processes

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Joe Laresca
Joe LarescaMaker@mojolaresca · Entrepreneur
@_jacksmith thanks for hunting, I'll be one of your hosts on the show! As an entrepreneur and musician/actor myself, I’m really really excited to be working on this with two awesome guys (@isaac_madan and @ascanio_guarini). Quick Overview: Hidden Layer is a podcast and newsletter featuring musicians, unpacking their creative & entrepreneurial processes. Here are a few topics we’ve touched so far: 1) The evolution of the music business, 2) What goes into producing music, 3) How platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud have changed the music scene, 4) Tips on growth hacking plays and distribution, 5) Pros and Cons of publishing deals, record labels, etc., and 6) The come up stories of each artist we bring on the show. Let us know if you have any suggestions for guests or feedback on the show :) Happy Monday, Joe
Brian Roach
Brian Roach@anodigital · DJ / Producer @itsBREX
Very cool. Will definitely be checking this out.
Yuriy Mikitchenko, MBA
Yuriy Mikitchenko, MBA@yuriy_mikitchenko_mba
Pretty cool. I will share this with my musician friends.
Yuriy Mikitchenko, MBA
Yuriy Mikitchenko, MBA@yuriy_mikitchenko_mba
@mojolaresca I am an entrepreneur and co-founder of a digital media startup Portland, Ore. that covers indie music (PDXpick.com.) I also have some good connections in the Pac Northwest. Let's chat?