Hidden Founders

Technical co-founders as a service

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Michael Seibel
@mwseibel · Y Combinator
I think this is an interesting idea but it really depends on the startup you are trying to build. If you want a lifestyle business that reaches profitability with little upfront investment and comfortably provides a salary for you and your employees - this could a good option. If you are interested in building a venture backed billion dollar tech startup -… See more
Jamie Lawrence
@ideasasylum · Consultant CTO, Rails developer
It's Interesting to see this field develop: I market myself as an "interim CTO" and I've recently met others that fulfil the same role. I think there many advantages for founders going down this route instead of tethering themselves to an unsuitable/inexperienced/"cheap" co-founder. The biggest challenge is transitioning to a full-time CTO and tech team, a… See more
Joshua Ooi
@joshuaoxj · Singapore
Love the idea of this product. Are the makers in the discussion thread? Would love to hear about some of their success stories from previous batches.
@lekanb · Founder @ SpaceHQ.co
Interesting idea. Seems like a safer alternative to "Founder Dating" sites. I also just saw this company recently https://assembly.com/ they are more of a crowd sourced model and offer other expertise as well.
Ouriel Ohayon
@ourielohayon · appsfire, CEO/ isai (VC) co-founder
interesting. but a co-founder is probably the one thing i don t want to outsource. it s too important and defining for the rest of the life of a project. that being said having a way to boostrap and accelerate an MVP with light resources is interesting