Hidden Founders is a group of developers, product hackers, and startup enthusiasts, who build your Tech Product on a bootstrap-friendly payment plan.

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I think this is an interesting idea but it really depends on the startup you are trying to build. If you want a lifestyle business that reaches profitability with little upfront investment and comfortably provides a salary for you and your employees - this could a good option. If you are interested in building a venture backed billion dollar tech startup - step one is recruiting a good founding team with strong technical talent.
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@mwseibel interesting input. We are trying to position ourselves as a "pre-accelerator". A simple example will be as follows: founder A gets in a batch, build an MVP, validate his/her idea and get initial traction. Founder A pitch and seduce a risk averse tech friend to join as co-founder. Would this person be a candidate for YC ? We tried to always ask ourselves this question while coming up with our actual model. Btw we were suppose to meet while you were in Morocco Casablanca :) would have been an interesting talk.
It's Interesting to see this field develop: I market myself as an "interim CTO" and I've recently met others that fulfil the same role. I think there many advantages for founders going down this route instead of tethering themselves to an unsuitable/inexperienced/"cheap" co-founder. The biggest challenge is transitioning to a full-time CTO and tech team, and that long-term goal needs to be at the forefront of everyone's mind
@ideasasylum four-time interim CTO here. I agree, which is why part of my responsibilities has always been expectation setting and coaching to non-tech founders. Since I consider myself both technical and "biz", I can relate to both sides of the coin. Also, a bit pedantic, but why is this called "as a service". It's literally "a service".
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Love the idea of this product. Are the makers in the discussion thread? Would love to hear about some of their success stories from previous batches.
@joshuaoxj This is our first batch, but we'll definitely share the success stories that'll come of out of it. As you'll see on our website and in the FAQ, we're gathering a small group of 7 founders for this first experience, and setting up schedules to build the products. We keep getting great projects so, as you can imagine, it's hard to pick the last founders and close the batch.
Interesting idea. Seems like a safer alternative to "Founder Dating" sites. I also just saw this company recently https://assembly.com/ they are more of a crowd sourced model and offer other expertise as well.
interesting. but a co-founder is probably the one thing i don t want to outsource. it s too important and defining for the rest of the life of a project. that being said having a way to boostrap and accelerate an MVP with light resources is interesting
@OurielOhayon agree. Exactly why batch founders pitch in front of CTOs and developers in demo day. We believe it's easier to pitch potential co-founders after you have some traction/validation.