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I came up with the idea of HICKIES when I was about 21. I was one of those teenagers that would never tie his shoes. I quickly realized that everyone, from kids to athletes to the elderly, have problems with shoelaces. No footwear brands display shoes with bows because it breaks the design-line. HICKIES a shoelace replacement that you install once, and you never have to tie your shoes again. They react with the movement of your foot to let you slip on and off, while making sure the fit is secure and snug while running or activity.
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@gastonfrydle How do they look on hightops/chucks? couldn't find a photo on the site.
Hi @jamesburton69 check out this picture of our communications manager here to see what they look like in some hi top converse https://instagram.com/p/vHS4oPll...
Killer product.
Superb. I hate being on the treadmill at a fast pace, shoes getting untied, and I can't slow down in time. Buying four of these today!
@warrenalfred Thank you! It's a terrible inconvenience to lose that concentration and something that, nowadays, doesn't need to ever happen at all.
I love the clean design of these laces. They'd definitely up your game if you're a fashionable gym rat, and be plenty fun for kids too! They remind me a bit of the 80s elastic coiler laces (in the best way!). Are there any plans to design the perfect Hickies shoe to showcase these?
@jacqvon We believe that HICKIES are an amazing upgrade to all types of shoes, so we don't limit ourselves to just one model to showcase them.
@gastonfrydle I love it!! Just about to order some now! Cheers!!
Pretty pumped about this for bike commuting. Laces and cogs just never get along. Order placed!
@rc_says Great point and thank you for your support! Safety first!