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Miriam Schwab
Miriam Schwab@miriamschwab · Founder & CEO, Strattic
I tested a few sites and the "Cast" was unknown for all of them. How is it meant to work?
Guillaume Dhios
Guillaume Dhios@gdhios · CEO and Founder, Okonoma
I don't see the point of this, except having a movie-style ending credits showing details about team behind some major internet services (and this is slowwww to appear). (i guess that these infos could be found somewhere else in a more exploitable, and quick-to-read format).
Roy Munin
Roy MuninHunter@muninjlm · CEO, MadeinJLM
The concept is awesome :) I do agree with Guillaume that faster scrolling speeds are needed (maybe even a "don't scroll" mode) & with Miriam that it needs support for more sites.
Konrad Caban
Konrad Caban@konradcaban · CEO, SuperMonitoring.com, yourbrowser.is
We're building something similar, except it's not going to be only about the world's top sites. If you're interested and would like to get early access, leave your email address at http://www.websitecredits.com/ P.S. We also used the movie end credits animation on one of our templates! :)
Laurent Sabbah
Laurent Sabbah@laurent_sabbah · VP Customer Acquisition @ Bablic.com
Tried it also, on a simple website who's whois info isn't private or anything and it still returned unknown, not sure if it's down or something. A simple crawling of Crunchbase or LinkedIn would pull up the details np, don't know why it showed up unknown. Cool design though.